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Beavertown Tempus Project Heavy Lord Imperial Stout 14.5% (375ml)

by Beavertown

Reluctantly we have decided to stop selling Beavertown after learning it has sold a share of its business to Heineken. We will sell through the stock we already have but going forward we will no longer retail Beavertown as we believe strongly that we need to be true to our principles and our support of independent beer. You can read our letter to Beavertown here.

Greet Heavy lord, a mash up of 3 Floyds' famous Imperial Stout, Dark Lord and Beavertown's own Imperial Stout, Heavy Water. Aged in fresh Bourbon Barrels for 6 weeks and then infused with Cacao and Vanilla. One part in keg, one part in cask and one part in cask which has been soaked in Guatemalan coffee to taste.

Limited to 1 per customer - sorry!

Beavertown began in 2011 in De Beauvoir (its namesake), Hackney, London. In just a few short years, it has grown exponentially to become one of the most well-known craft breweries in the UK. With a cracking portfolio of beers, Beavertown brews are always a joy to drink.

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