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Bonhomme Sauvignon Touraine 2017 13.5% (750ml)-Hop Burns & Black

Bonhomme Sauvignon Touraine 2017 13.5% (750ml)

by Bonhomme

Lemon - Elderflower - Apple - Honey

Made from fully ripe, organic Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the central Loire Valley and naturally fermented with the yeast on the skins with an extended period of skin contact.

Our food writer Claire Bullen says: "It pours a flaxen gold, brilliant and electric. On the nose, it’s opulent with honey, lushly floral, with a touch of piquant lemon zest and something deeper and more animal: the faintest scent of wool and lanolin, perhaps. On the palate, it tastes sweetly of elderflower and apple, though there’s enough acidity to prevent it from becoming cloying. Here is a wine that feels like languid spring afternoons on the grass, like sunny kisses, like endless Sundays…" 

Pair with: Roast chicken, salmon, shellfish, goat's cheese

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc


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