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Burning Sky Coolship Release No.1 6.8% (750ml)-Hop Burns & Black

Burning Sky Coolship Release No.1 6.8% (750ml)

by Burning Sky

The result of Burning Sky's first brew using a traditional Coolship fermentation vessel. Brewed early 2017, the brew team followed a turbid mash schedule with malted barley, wheat and un-malted heritage grains. An extended boil with aged hops followed, before transferring to the coolship overnight. This then went to barrels the following day, where it stayed until bottling on 30th July. This is a mono blend, i.e. not a blend of different vintages. The beer is being released with a gentle carbonation level (2 volumes of CO2), this is expected to build as the beer ages. Already the beer is showing great complexity, with a pleasing acidic, slight cider/ natural wine notes and a dry finish. It can be drunk now and/or cellared.

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