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Cloudwater x Notch Super Noble Smoked Amber 5.6% (440ml can)-Hop Burns & Black

Cloudwater x Notch Super Noble Smoked Amber 5.6% (440ml can)

by Cloudwater

This Smoked Amber Lager was brewed with friends from Notch in Salem, Massachusetts, known for their faithful interpretations of traditional lager styles. They started started with a Czech Amber base, known for its elegant malt presentation and toasted notes, before adding Beechwood-smoked malt as a twist on a classic style.

Aroma & Flavour: Light caramel sweetness and toasted notes, followed by smoked flavours
Body: Elegant malt profile, medium-bodied with a crisp finish
Aftertaste: Lasting, significant herbal bitterness

Cloudwater - #5 Brewery in the world at the RateBeerBest awards - specialises in modern, seasonal beer. The brewery has a deep love for the changing seasons, each bringing with it an invitation to enjoy the scarcity and abundance the natural environment offers.