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Kernel Pale Ale Finchcocks #7 5.3% (500ml)

by Kernel Brewery

This version of The Kernel's pale ale features an unusual hop. Evin from the Kernel explains -

"The hops for this were grown by Ian Strang at Little Scotney Farm, Lamberhurst, Kent. We've brewed a fresh hop beer every year for the past 4 or 5 years for Company Drinks (a charity in East London. The beer has been a saison with fresh hops, or latterly a Table Beer dry hopped with fresh hops, just for them). We'd go down with them to Little Scotney Farm and pick hops (in the company of some old ladies who picked hops as part of their childhood holidays, pre WW2, I think). We'd usually get Progress or WGV, etc, but in 2017 we received some hops that Ian had picked up growing wild and had started to cultivate. He had a couple of different ones, but the one he was most interested in was #7. The fresh hop beer we made in 2017 was delicious."

"In 2018 we asked for some more of that #7, but due to technical issues at harvest time, we did not manage to get any fresh (despite 3 trips down to his farm - we got fresh (and dried) Bramling Cross instead, which was amazing). But we did drive down a little later in the season to pick up a bale or dried hops, and then waited to get hold of some pellets. Which came in January. So we brewed a beer single hopped with Finchcock's #7. It is mental. Bonkers. The hops come through pretty intense, and they shout cococuts / barrel aging (in bourbon barrels) / herbs / sorachi ace. It is a wild ride. Goes very well with curry (I'm not usually into pairings as such, but will make an exception here)."

So there you have it. Sounds interesting right?

A cornerstone of the London beer scene, Kernel brew flavoursome beers from a rail arch in Bermondsey. They make Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and old school London Porters and Stouts

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