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Mills Brewing x Tiley's Vatted Porter 6.5% (750ml)-Hop Burns & Black

Mills Brewing x Tiley's Vatted Porter 6.5% (750ml)

by Mills Brewing

Vatted Porter was brewed at Tiley's Brewery in January 2017. It was then fermented in the coolship at Mills Brewing with a blend of Tiley's ale yeast and the Mills Brewing house culture. The beer was matured in a single oak barrel for one year before further conditioning in bottle. The resulting beer is both sour and rich, with notes of dried fruit, cocoa and coffee

Limited to 1 per customer, sorry. HB&B strongly discourages trading - if we have good reason to suspect this beer is being purchased to be traded, we reserve the right to refund and not to sell to the trader again. This beer is not currency - please see our friends at Beer Merchants' thoughts on the subject. It's made to be enjoyed with friends! :)


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