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Siren Old Fashioned Bourbon Barley Wine 11% (330ml)

by Siren Craft Brew

The Siren team are big fans of the classic old fashioned 19th Century cocktail, traditionaly made by muddling sugar with butters then adding whiskey and a twist of citrus. This is Siren's take with barley wine as the base beer and the classic orange zest to serve. It’s been in barrels for 12 months, picking up a well rounded bourbon profile with some vanilla and caramel sweetness. Bitters optional.

Founded in 2012, Siren believe all beer drinkers should be able to enjoy craft beer as wine drinkers enjoy the finest wines. They aim to make beers that are enjoyable, cover a wide range of needs from being accessible to the truly unique and occassionaly challenging, but each has a purpose, personality and ultimately draws you in to want to try more.