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Wild Beer Rooting Around Spring Herbed Ale 3% (330ml)

by Wild Beer

Rooting Around is a seasonal beer series for 2017 embracing Wild Beer's local terroir. Brewed for each season with foraged ingredients available to them at the time.

Spring is a time of growth, excitement and green things. Revitalised trees are the essence of this with fresh green leaves appearing in the Spring sun. Wild Beer have taken this inspiration of freshness to create a very ‘green’ beer brewed with Birch and Linden leaves. At a refreshingly low ABV as well this is a thirst-quencher for surprisingly bright days. Best enjoyed al fresco when blue bells are blooming, the sun is shining but there’s still a nip in the air.

Based in the heart of cider country, Wild Beer are producing some of the most interesting beers in the UK at the moment. In their words: Wild Beer, Wild Yeasts, Wild Ingredients, Wild Ideas, Wild Ambitions...