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Wild Beer Yadokai 13% (750ml)-Hop Burns & Black

Wild Beer Yadokai 13% (750ml)

by Wild Beer

Wild Beer's sake-inspired beer brewed with Sea Buckthorn, Sea Salt, Sea Weed (Kombu and Hijiki) and Yuzu juice, originally a collaboration with Black Friars and Hanging Bat in Edinburgh and Chef Tim Anderson and Nanban in London. The result is a beautifully rounded, beer packed full of intensity and umami character.

Yadokai has so many elements to pair with, from sharp yuzu to sweet alcohol to seaweed umami. We love the way this beer develops as it ages!

Based in the heart of cider country, Wild Beer are producing some of the most interesting beers in the UK at the moment. In their words: Wild Beer, Wild Yeasts, Wild Ingredients, Wild Ideas, Wild Ambitions...

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