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La Garagista Harlots & Ruffians 2015 12% (750ml)

by La Garagista

Peach blossom - Pear - Apple - Aromatic

A light orange wine that's a blend of La Crescent and Frontenac Gris. Gorgeously aromatic with peach, pear, apple and spice notes. Named after an Medieval dish involving eggs and oranges, suitable for “ruffians and brazen harlots".  

Both the La Garagista farm and winery is guided by organic, permaculture and biodynamic thought - La Garaista's mission is to care for the land in creative and natural ways to let their wines and ciders express the unique landscape and vintage.

Grape: La Crescent, Frontenac Gris

Limited to 1 bottle per customer, sorry


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