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Signature Brew Double Roadie Double IPA 8.6% (440ml can)

by Signature Brew

Double Roadie is a super limited-edition beer created to celebrate gyle 500 – the 500th brew at Signature Brew’s current Leyton home. What better way to commemorate this special milestone, than with a very special version of their most popular beer ever, Roadie All-Night IPA?

As its name suggests, Double Roadie – an 8.6% ABV double IPA – packs twice the punch of the standard Roadie. Double the malt provides a little more sweetness and ensures the beer retains the easy-drinking character that defines the original. Double the hops brings bitterness to balance the strength, while also intensifying the big citrus, pineapple and elderflower aromas.

Since 2011 Signature Brew has stood for the union of great beer and great music. Signature Brew pride themselves on supplying great pubs, bars and venues with the highest quality beers, putting them directly in the hands of music lovers – even sending the beers on tour where bands and fans can enjoy them together.

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